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HAYNES Rum — a melting pot of nuances, as unique and complex as its history. In its taste, HAYNES Rum combines both traditional values and a modern zeitgeist. Caribbean flair meets the British spirit of discovery of the 18 th century – like a mirror reflecting the colourful hustle and bustle on the eponymous Richard Haynes Boardwalk in Christchurch, Barbados.

HAYNES Rum an anchor between the old world and modern society. Created from spicy wood notes, its genesis is as legendary and intense as the 1764 crossing of HMS Tartar from Portsmouth to Barbados. It marked the breakthrough of a challenge long believed to be insoluble in seafaring – the problem of length.

take TIME

HAYNES Rum, with its 26- year barrel maturity, is fundamentally different from all typical Caribbean rums. Once again, the parallels to science become apparent here. If you want to develop something truly special and great, it takes time – quite literally.



Bottle size

50 cl

Serving temperature

Pure at 16 – 19 °C

Alcohol content

40 % ABV

Flavour profile

Full-bodied with pronounced, spicy wood notes and subtle vanilla flavours on the palate.

Perfect Serve

The finely balanced rum is perfect for pure enjoyment. Its complexity also guarantees high mixability.

More than half of the exquisite HAYNES Rum ages in virgin oak barrels for more than eight years. The other part matures for at least three years in old bourbon barrels. As if that were not deep enough, it is aged for a further 15 years before the two parts merge and develop their distinctive flavour profile. The combination of these two maturation processes creates a full-bodied taste that is arguably unique between the shores of the Caribbean and mainland Europe.

TWO parts

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Distinct, spicy wood notes meet a light vanilla note with sweet accents. These fine flavours are preserved by sieving the precious liquid, because HAYNES Rum does without any kind of filtration entirely. Through gentle sieving, it unfolds its unadulterated aroma and its unmistakable, authentic signature. Made from adventures and grown from the hundreds of stories that have unfolded between the Caribbean and Europe – on water, on land and in the minds of the people.

The special combination of the two types of groups reflects the centuries-long coexistence of different cultures on the Boardwalk in Barbados. It is precisely this thirst for interaction, community, togetherness and connectedness that characterises our generation more than ever – and it is found in every drop of HAYNES.